Entry no. 33

Monday, 30 July Well guess who is back for college? Me. And who is still tensed and depress and worried and scared and none of it is for the present or future but the past? Me. Why God, why? I know what you do, would do for the betterment but why with this? I tried […]

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Entry no. 32

Wednesday, 25 July So I woke up feeling jittery today. There was a lot of pacing back and forth. Maybe it’s because I’m realizing I’m have to go back to college, or maybe that I have to face people, or us it something else. I finally made my mind up and went for Antman and […]

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Entry no. 31

Monday, 23 July 5:53 pm I’m surprised how easily I’m triggered and throw into a position of sorrow and depression or defeat. An hour ago I got a text from my friend saying they introduced improvement exams and I have it on the 6th of August. And until that time I was all cool and […]

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Entry no. 30

Sunday, 22 July So the long awaited meet happened. Lude, Moon, Sandy and me. Finally together. Oh how we all waited for this. It’s was everything and more. And by more I mean things went a bit south while conversing. Flashback time… Lude and me go way back, like 14 years ago #bestfriends. Always together. […]

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Entry no. 29

Friday, 20 July. 11:05 AM It’s the second day after I came to know I didn’t pass in pharmacology. I just woke up and only because my dad kept nagging me. I still somehow want it all to be a dream. Today I thought of them calling me up and telling me that it was […]

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Entry no. 28

Thursday, 19th July I should have passed. I should have cleared the year. I shouldn’t have to go through this. Everyone is free of tension when they put their least efforts and yet her I am, sitting alone in the dark, watch Thor : The dark world trying to forget the only thing on my […]

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Entry no. 27

Wednesday, 18 July. I want to feel numb. And I think I am. I can’t sleep. I keep thinking and wishing this was a dream. I want to find a way around it but can’t. I keep coming to now, the present. The real actual horrible present. And of all the people who give me […]

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